Sierra Grande on Sebile Stick Shadd

Our first morning of filming “Fish the Baja” my good friend and guide Wesley Brough caught a monster Sierra (Spanish Mackerel) right at the shore. The brute sucumbed to a Sebile Stick Shadd 182 (7″, in gold color) which has been a HOT lure for Wes and I in Cabo. Not only a great fisherman Wes is also a very talented guitarist that just cut his first CD “Wave Dance” that you can get at Amazon or get a taste for his style at    Keep in mind Wes is 6′-7″ !!!

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  1. Who is this guy anyways?!…haha..
    that 182 Stick Shadd is my all around favorite lure for just about any fish.. It has the most umpredictable and natural swimming pattern of any lure I have ever fished with.. and it just drives the fish crazy!

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  5. Michael Alfano says:

    Nice site!!! I’ve also had the opportunity to fish with Wesley-great guy and a definite pro at surf fishing…caught a roosterfish

  6. Francis Gjefle says:

    I have fished with Wesley, he is a great guide and a hell of a nice guy. I will be back in March, we go every year. I miss Wes while he is in school. March is a great time for the Sierra fishing. I hope to locate another guide as good as Wesley.
    These fish are a blast to catch, use wire leader or at least 80lb mono if you want to keep you lures. they tend to hit the lure head on

  7. Oekkawakka says:

    Great post thanks man!

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  11. Hey Dom help me get it out there. I’m trying to improve this post with new things as I think of them. Hopefully some video clips about knots and lures etc.

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