Beautiful Bluefin Trevally

Check out this Bluefin Trevally… I think!?  Wow what great colors and another demonstration of the diversity of the Baja fishery. Whatever it is it sure is beautiful and loved the SEBILE Magic Swimmer 165 in the Natural Shiner (O)color.  This beauty hit in the rocks just off the proposed Ritz Carlton development a little North of Cabo San Lucas.  While not as big as the Giant Trevally, so revered by anglers worldwide, the Bluefin Trevally have the equivalent bad attitude and readily eat lures presented them. This fish was caught by good buddy and surf casting ace Wesley Brough!

This second picture is another Blue fin Trevally caught by Wes on the Sebile Stick Shadd.  Nice job amigo and way to throw for the brand!!!

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