4th time a charm?

Stephen Jansen and I looking at his NEW Ballyhoo lure design.  Shooting has gone well this past week and we have two shows “in the can”, although Stephan and I could really use a break from the wind!  Out of three mornings it has blown like a banshee the whole time.  Luckily the Ballyhoo casts like a rocket and stays in the water even with a huge belly in the line created by the wind.  We did catch some nice Jack Crevalle this morning just North of Cabo but really need that “kicker” fish to put us over the top.  We plan on hitting the same spot late this afternoon.  Yesterday afternoon  (don’t you hate when this happens) the  guys that were there said there were Roosterfish busting bait as far as the eye could see.  Thankfully this morining, Freddie, the manager of the desalinization plant, landed a nice rooster (Pez Gallo) in the 40lb class and we did get it on film.  Thanks Freddie for saving the day but Stephan and I are not so easily deterred….check out the pix tomorrow to see if the 4th time is the charm!

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