Bite me …please!!!

Bite me …please!   No I really mean it…BITE ME!

Another beautiful day in paradise, Cabo San Lucas Mexico.  Got out early and fished with Havier and Havi on one of the Sol Mar fleet boats.  Long time friend, Rene Santa Cruz, hooked me up on one of his boats for a day dragging lures around the Cape. This father and son team is one of the best in Baja and love to fish and work very hard at it!  One of my last trips I released 5 Striped Marlin by noon!   Today we raised 5 Striped Marlin but alas they all had lock jaw or were camera shy.  One Marlin lit up a bit and came right to the bait so hard that it jumped out of the water twice but it didn’t eat!  We did hit a few small Yellowfin Tuna, this single and then a triple!  …see you guys next time…

To hook up with Rene for a day on the water go to the Playa Grande Resort lobby or call him directly at 011-52-1-(624)-122-2175.  I’ve been fishing with Rene for nearly 20 years and have always had a great experience!

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  1. Kay Duelfer says:

    Great reading-especially since I love Cabo! You should head up to East Cape/Los Barriles and fish Sayrita with Lavo! ck. and see if it looks doable :)

  2. Kay
    Headed to the Eastcape in August for a one week shoot! Stay tuned for the pix. FTB tv starts December 28th on Versus Channel. Thanks for following !

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