Fore!!! ICBL on the way!

At the ICAST show in Las Vegas last week I had an eye out for a new surf rod!  I have just not really been fully satisfied with the surf rods I’ve been casting for the past 20 years.  They are too light, too heavy, too bulking, too flexible, too stiff, the handles are too long or too short or they have cheap components.  In January I broke my G*Loomis while casting it and their new group of surf rods were not ready for Rooster Fest in June in Cabo.   Anyhow, what I have been looking for is a light weight rod that is extremely powerful, a bit softer in the tip for casting but some real cojones for launching the occasional ICBL ( Intercontinental Ballistic Lure).  Well it looks like I found it in the Carolina Cast Pro Series.  Designed by Champion caster Tommy Farmer, who launch an 837.45′ in competition in April (no that is not a misprint …837.45 feet!!!) these rods are great.  My first cast was 116 yards (a mere 348 feet) and my best was 129 yards (387 feet!) This was on a football field near the house here in Monument, CO  casting into maybe a 10 knot wind but on flat ground not the raised beaches of Baja.  The lure was about 1/2 buried a few times in the turf, so deep that i couldn’t yank it out with the rod.  Anyhow I still need to fish the rods but the test launches went very well.  Thanks to Capt. Ray Brown and Carolina Pro Cast for a great new product and I can’t wait to try them!

Jansen's Ballyhoo Lure partially submerged !

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  1. Chris Karwoski says:

    Yeah I saw it! Tommy Farmer’s site too!, He was impressed with the products at also.

    I know fishing but I’m learning to Tweet, and I do not know any 8 year old kids that can show my ancient brain what it is all about.


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