the crowing continues…!

Wesley Brough continues to hook and catch nice Roosters off the beaches of Cabo  San Lucas these past few days.  We spoke a few days ago and he sounded a bit discouraged because he had been broken off twice that morning and lost two SEBILE Stick Shadd 155 lures.  The first fish he just couldn’t stop and it was all over in a few seconds.  Just as dawn was breaking and the lure disappeared in a huge swirl …BOOM, ZING, TWANG, was all over!!! The second fish, also unidentified, was a couple minute battle and broke his 50lb braided line even with a 12′ long 100lb leader!  Don’t worry Wes we’ll make more!

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  1. Chris Karwoski says:

    Fishing Like Rock Stars.

  2. I usually don’t usually post on many Blogs, however I just has to say thank you… keep up the amazing work. Ok unfortunately its time to get to school.

  3. That’s incredible!

  4. Michael Alfano says:

    Wow-just got the chills reading this…two breakoffs-must’ve been huge!!!


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