Monster Squid!

Rancho Leonero Resort serves up a great meal three times a day.  But what is really spectacular is the awesome fishing not 10 minutes from the dock!!! Our first “bite” of the day were these two Humbolt Squid in about 75’ of water.  They fight like a champion and make excellent bait as well.  No sooner than the jig hit the bottom my squid had grabbed it and the fight was on.  They as pretty tough fighters and their quick runs make the reels scream!  Fun way to start the trip and a first for both me and brother Paul! Mine was about 40lbs and Paul’s about 35lbs.  Can anyone say calamari!!!

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  1. that is ridiculously gross

  2. wait til you see the video. he grabbed me and tried to bite me with his parrot like beak! It would have taken off a finger!!!

  3. those squid are the scariest things in the ocean, if you ever fell in the water when they are around they would eat you alive. I feel more comfortable with sharks under the boat.

  4. I love eating things that want to eat me. Can’t wait to see the video. When Paul tells the story, are the weights of the squid reversed?


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