Right FIsh…Wrong Tackle!!!

Today we headed out from Rancho Leonero Resort in our Hobie Pro Anglers for another stint of fishing.  On the peddle out to the “fishing grounds” I decided to troll a SEBILE magic Swimmer 145 in Mackerel color just in case a Dorado might see fit to impale himself on the lure.  Ten minutes into the morning my Stella 2500 started to scream bloody murder!  It began pretty fast but then really started to scream out so fast that I could see the line diameter getting considerably smaller!  The Shimano Stella 2500 is only a light reel and I had it spooled with 150 yards of 18lb Power Pro line just in case I hit a big fish by, well …mistake.  I started peddling as fast as I could as the fish started heading for the Mexican mainland and I could barely keep up even though I added as much drag pressure as I thought possible.  The rod was nearly yanked out of the rod holder but was now bent over almost double.  Little did I know this would be the case for all but a few minutes of the next to hours!  My G*Loomis Escape GLX (12lb) rod with its Nickle Titanium guides was really taxed as the fish made 15 long runs to the bottom and then to the surface and horizontally as well.  Finally just short of the two hour mark the Yellowfin Tuna succumbed to the Boga Grip and my arms, back and shoulders got a needed break.  Luckily I had at least one part of my set up right, the Hobie Pro Angler,  without which I would have been spooled on the first run.  At the end the Tuna had  towed me about 6 or 7 miles offshore and had quite the run back to Rancho Leonero Resort.  Wow, this was probably my toughest fight ever and one I’ll remember forever …and acutely for a few days as I reach for an adult beverage!

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  1. Gary Fogel says:

    Hey Dave, I am not sure if you remember me by name, but we were together at the St. Jude events in Vail and I say you at ICAST. Congratulations on the new show. Great pics.

    I am now Co-publisher of Los Angeles and Orange County editions of Coastal Angler Magazine. I would love to do an article about the new show for our national section which reaches 340,000 anglers. Email me and let me know how we can talk.

    Again, Congrats,


  2. nice fish dave !

    go any shots of me with the cam to throw up on my face book???

  3. Sweet catch and even sweeter boat you have there! Nice site and looking forward to more fishing updates!


  4. Ill look Rojo! I think so!


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