Killer Sunrises at Rancho Leonero!

Sunrise Rancho Leonero Resort in East Cape Baja …need i say more!

Four friends await the sunrise...

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  1. Great Sunrise pics! Who took them? (hint, hint!) Thanks for the suggestions on the AV mode. Really make a difference. I think you need to post the picture of the iguana “at attention”.Your readers will also want to hear of your visit to the local “witch doctor”…a man who’s joy is giving pain and providing relief.
    Also want to make sure you give credit where credit is due….I went to great lengths to make sure I caught the smallest fish (species by species) available in the Baja! It takes REAL skill to target midget fish…lol! It’s quite possible that I jerked the neck out of joint of my monster Rooster dragging him on the surface of the water to the boat at great speed! What a great time…but who in the hell drank $600 worth of beer and pina coladas? There has to be a story there. Finally…what great folks at Rancho Leonero. A 1st Class place I highly recommend to all.

    Hola! Hermano Pablo

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