Hobie Pro Angler!

Hobie Pro Angler

what a  great kayak, er … a …boat or offshore craft, heck just a darn great fishing platform!

Some of you may know from my Fishing Across America TV show that I have been a Hobie fishing kayak fan since they came out a few years back. Fishing out of a Hobie is nothing short of great!  The kayaks have continued to improve every year, even though they were very good at the start.  I have a couple of their kayaks at present but cannot wait to get my  new Pro Anglers.  Hobie has really raised the bar with this… a …well, BOAT! Far from a kayak the Pro Angler is an amazingly stable fishing platform!!!  As stable as the Outback, Mirage and Evolution kayaks are, and they are very stable, they don’t compare to the “feats of strength” that Keeton Eoff and I put our two Pro “A’s” through a few weeks back in the East Cape of Baja.  Fishing out of Rancho Leonero Resort, we had some truly remarkable performance demonstrated to us by these little boats!  The first afternoon of filming the wind blew up pretty good and seas that had been relatively flat all day got to 2 feet, then 3, then 4 and finally 5 to 6 feet!  Keeton kept glancing back at me from his boat with this sheepish look like “should we get the hell out of here or what”!  The camera boat, a 26′ diesel, was tossing the cameraman around like a rag doll while Keeton and I just peddled up and over the waves with amazing ease.  Neither he or I had ever been in much more that 6 to 12″ waves and these were monstrous by boat to wave standards.  With PFD’s secured we thought … lets just ride it out, worst case is will get a bit wet.  Finally the camera dude said he could not stand up in the big boat and film “the kayaks” any longer because it was too rough! Check out the short video of the Hobie Pro Angler below…

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