Judge my shorts!!!

Well I have been taking a lot of flack from some buddies this past few months on my choice of appaarel.  I like to have a little color on the show when shooting so it looks nice on the Tube.  From the amount of bitching and moaning you would think I had insulted their mothers or something or maybe its that the just don’t have the cojones to wear such attire!

This is a *****FISH NEWS ALERT*****… I Report …You Decide!  Let me know your opinion on the short controversy and we can settle this once and for all.  Vote for your favorite pair of shorts… it only seems right this time of year and it will give you a little practice for the first Tuesday of November!

******FISH NEWS ALERT***** I’ll Report …You Decide!

Short 1- Camo Cargo in OD Green w Pargos!

Short 2- Fish Camo Black by Pelagic w/ 50lbs of Pez Gallo!

Short 3- Red White and Black Rooster Wear

Short 4- Fish Camo Blue by Pelagic w/ Yellowfin Tuna

Short 5- Politically Correct BORING shorts!!!

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  1. Pamela Statton says:

    Plain light khaki cargos – definite yes (very classy). Bright blue camo – okay (for the color), Khaki camo – right out! You and Wesley need to coordinate – ha!

  2. Dude ! your shorts look great !and your mix and match is awsome.. keep it real .

  3. Chris Karwoski says:

    I hear what you are saying! What are people looking at your clothes for? I’ve not ever seen past the fish, gear, and scenery content of your photos. If I look now I have no particular favoritebut I’d say #3 is the least appealing fashion statement. Just yesterday I fishing on Medano Beach and they told me I had to put my shorts back on! What is this obsession with fishing clothes? Jeeeez….

  4. I personally prefer the red and black ones we got in Cabo! But I like you in almost anything you wear, except those dumb crocs.

  5. Has anyone had a chance to use the relatively new flourocarbon Spiderwire? The store folks rave about it, but they are trying to sell it. I am looking for an opinion from someone that has actually used the stuff.

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