Safe in Mexico?

Are you safe in Mexico?

There has been a lot of press in the last few months about how safe it is to travel to Mexico.  That was brought to my attention this morning as I sat with my friend Richard who used to work in the Baja and said he wondered.. Is it was still safe to go down there?  Of course we never hear a story on Fox News  that some X 1oo,000’s of tourists went to Mexico last year and came home with nothing but some self inflicted Cuervo headaches and probably some sunburn.  Then this afternoon good buddy Grant Hartman, of Baja Anglers in Cabo, made a similar comment about safety in Mexico.  He was headed to the States on the Peninsular Highway for the length of the Baja with his family and wondered…”will we be safe on the trip”.  As it turned out, Grant arrived completely in tact and enjoyed some family time in Arizona and Colorado, even commenting that it was good to see some old friends along his way up the Baja.  The horror stories you keep hearing are  about some brain donors that are in a border town bar or brothel at 2 AM, probably three sheets to the wind, and they wonder why they had a bad experience.  Heck that can happen in Detroit at 2AM if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time and have had too much Jose! Look at the picture above and head to the Baja, just take some common sense and sunscreen!

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