Leviathan Reel!

the monstrous Galvan T-18 offshore reel

Wow!  Huge, giant, monstrous, absolutely gynormous!  What can I say about the new Galvan T-18 reel that was sent to me for the next Fish the Baja shoot in Mag Bay.  It is the biggest fly reel I’ve ever seen much less had the privilege to fondle!!!  I had seen this reel with Jeff DeBrown when on the last trip to the East Cape and knew it was what I needed for Billfish and Mega Tuna.  It holds 550 yards of 50lbGelspun backing plus a RIO Leviathan fly line.  Don’t you just like the sound of that… leviathan!  I just want to catch a leviathan on the fly rod… don’t really care what kind of leviathan.  “Hey what did you catch this weekend?  I caught a leviathan!” AWESOME!!!

Galvan Reels to take center stage on future Fish the Baja fly catches!

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