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Jeff DeBrown is the real McCoy! The Reel Baja, his company, is just that… a real adventure in one of the most prolific fisheries on the planet.  He, like many of us, loves fishing Baja but has taken that passion to another level. Jeff moved to Los Barriles area of the East Cape some 12 years ago and fishes every time he gets the chance …year round! Just watching Jeff prepare his equipment from rods, reels, lines to flies it is evident that he is an extremely dedicated angler. Although he “will do whatever it takes” to catch fish his forte is to catch Baja’s wonderful fish of the fly! Jeff himself is an excellent caster and very good a helping an angler to get in the groove, relax and catch some Roosterfish, Dorado or even Marlin on the fly!!! Catch Jeff between guide trips at 888-287-4076 and visit

Leopard Grouper of the fly

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  1. Dave,

    I’ve really tried to watch and enjoy your show, but in all honesty, I can’t…. and I’ve really, really tried. Why? Couple of reasons but the camera work and the audio top the list. Most of the time you simply can’t understand what’s being said do to the poor audio quality. Other times, it’s tough to watch the show on my big screen HD television because the freakin’ lens is always dirty or your camera guy is shooting straight into the sun.

    There are other reasons including the editing, which leaves a lot to be desired, and the lack of any insights into fishing the Baja other than pushing sponsor product. The show feels more like home movies of you fishing your little heart out.

    If you really want to make this a show, you need to have GOOD audio, GOOD video, someone who knows and loves fishing and the Baja to edit and a game plan where you’re actually teaching folks something about techniques and the area you’re visitiing. So far the show hasn’t done that.

    Best of luck,


  2. Rich
    I totally agree with you. This has been a very disappointing season for me on the show. It is a long story but I feel exactly the same as you. Would love to talk sometime!

  3. Hey Dave,

    Sorry that I never saw your reply. Ran into Stephen Jansen while in Cabo this January and he and I talked about your show. Sounds like things have gotten better and I’m glad to hear it. If you ever need an extra cameraman or two, let me know. My wife and I have shot/edited sport fishing shows and do a lot of work in Cabo. Maybe our paths will cross and I’m looking forward to the new shows.


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