Sebile Acquired by Pure Fishing

Pure Fishing Inc. announced today that they have acquired the assets of Sebile lures!  This is an exciting bit of news for me as I was the initial founder of Sebile USA and had the privilege of bringing the SEBILE brand to the  United States.  Many thanks go to Keeton Eoff who had the gumption to accept a job as the first COO and run the “company” when it was really nothing more than a dream of Patrick Sebile and myself some 5 years ago.  Thanks to the foreign partners who believed in Patrick enough to fund the start of the company and realize this amazing outcome despite many difficult times.  And thanks to Patrick Sebile for letting us see a bit of the amazing God given talent he has and having given so many people across the world  the great pleasure of hooking up some trophy fish!  Myself I can attribute many of my best catches and trophies to Patrick’s lures!   We look forward to what is in store in the future!!! Here are just a few of my SEBILE trophies below from the Baja!

Pargo Mulato on SEBILE Stick Shadd 182

50+lb Roosterfish on SEBILE Stick Shadd 155

Pargo Colorado (Red Snapper) on SEBILE Stick Shadd 182

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  1. Where can I watch the Feb 8th show or get information on what looked like a fishing lievaboard out of Cabo?

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