…going Coastal!

Just got a call from fishing buddy Morgan Promnitz at Hobie in Oceanside CA.  “Hey Dave you’re on the cover of Coastal Angler Magazine this month!”  The photo of a nice Pargo Colorado (Red Snapper) I caught with Wesley Brough on a surf trip in Cabo San Lucas.  The fish was one of 17 snapper we landed that day …and we were batting less than 500 on hooked fish.  Fishing in the rocks near Wes’ home we had an unbelievable day  that saw huge snappers, jacks and Roosterfish in a frenzy to eat the SEBILE Stick Shadds, Magic Swimmers and Splashers we threw at them!!! One retrieve from the beach I had 25  snappers in the 20# class hump the water up about a foot high trying to eat the SEBILE 228 Magic Swimmer I was twitching in front of them. HUGE RED GAPING MOUTHS WERE EVERYWHERE!!!  Wes was yelling at me to stop the popper so they could eat it!  I waited until I had no room left  then paused the lure for a vicious strike then brief run, then a second fish ate another one of the treble hooks, a brief run with TWO 20# snappers and then they broke the snap ring on the bait!!!  TOTALLY COOL!!! What a day thanks to Wesley and SEBILE.  Thanks to buddy Gary Fogel at Coastal Angler Magazine for the coverage!

PS I think “Joe”, Wesley’s dog in the photo, won’t appreciate the coverage as much as Wes and I do!

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