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I recently heard from my older brother Paul, via my wife Mary, that I don’t blog as much as I should!  He visits the site here frequently, which I appreciate a lot, but he is a little disappointed with his little brother’s blog production as of late.  Well Pablo (I call him Pablo for short) here you go!  I felt inspired after thinking about all the times you took me fishing as a kid to share photos of each others catches!!! Hope you enjoy the new posting  hermano!

This is my Roosterfish from summer of 2010 at Rancho Leonero Resort!  Nice 50lb+ Gallo!

This is Paul’s Roosterfish from Rancho Leonero Resort.  We let it go ’cause we had enough bait in the livewell already! LOL

Here is another one of my catches from Rancho Leonero, a small but nice Yellowfin Tuna




















Here is one a Pablo’s catches of our trip, a nice Blowfish!  Wonder if he’s getting the point now!




Me surf casting from the beach at Rancho Leonero  ….”Ground Control we have LIFTOFF of the lure Ballyhoo!”

Paul on the beach at Rancho Leonero!

I bet ole Pablo wished he had taken the little kid fishin’ a few more times down in Key Biscayne now!

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  1. Real funny, dude!. Unfortunately for me, the pictures don’t lie. However, while I surely didn’t catch the big fish you did at our time at Rancho Leonero this past summer, my ego is not harmed. I still maintain that it takes great skill to catch the smallest / ugliest / most unusual ones! It’s a matter of targeting what you want to catch. (..and I’m sticking with that line of thought..lol) Whatever the reason…the Rancho Leonero location is a great fishing (and relaxing) facility. I think we’d agree on that point!

    Oh, and by the way…I didn’t take you fishing more with me growing up because I probably already had plenty of bait in my livewell. (again, lol)

    Tight lines! Pablo

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