Sunrise …sunset in Cabo!

Pelicano Mar e Sol

Spectacular sunrise just North of Cabo San Lucas that turned into a fantastic day of fishing with good friend Wesley Brough as well.  Didn’t even know the pelican was in the picture until I downloaded it onto the Mac!

Sunset on SolMar beach

The other end of the day at SolMar beach.  Just finished up a great day of fishing and turned to see this breath taking sunset over the hills of Pedregal.

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  1. I am thinking of going to Cabo and love photography. I stumbled upon this photo and was wondering what part of the beach did you get this great shot? Was it the toward San Jose or on the Pacific side?

  2. The sunrise with the pelican is on the Sea of Cortez side at Cerro Colorado. The sunset , the second photo, is on the Playa Grande/ SolMar beach in June. It is easy to take those kind of photos with such great subject matter! Spectacular handiwork!

  3. Dave,
    I will be in Cabo late early July. Is that a good time for fishing?
    Will you still be there?
    If anything, would you be willing to have a quick discussion? Please email me if you are able to.

  4. I will be in Bajia del Los Suenos JUne 7-14 then in Cabo San Lucas 15-21 on June. July is open fro me right now except for Las Vegas July 14-18 or so fro ICAST. Hope you catch a lot f fish…July is great for Roosters!!!

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