Calamari Grande!

The Humboldt Squid is one of the Baja’s less celebrated residents!  After having heard some stories of Humboldts chasing down lures I finally caught a few this past season in the East Cape.  Large number of the voracious predators have been showing up off the Baja coast even more these days with the lack of sharks resulting from the basically non-regulated commercial fishing.  The method of choice to catch these great fighters is a squid jig.  This jig use long spines instead of hooks and the squid basically impale themselves on these as you jig it in deep water.  The Humboldts in these pictures were in about 300′ of water and really fought a hard on the way to the surface.  These squid were in the 40lb range but pale in comparison to the estimates derived from the 18″ diameter “sucker marks” on a washed up whale a few years back.  Extrapolating from those marks the estimate for that squid was somewhere in the 200′ long range!  Those old drawings of sail boats with squid tentacles wrapped around them might really be true! Calamari anyone? PS * Watch out for the parrot like beak*  They can remove fingers like a hot knife thru butter!!!

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