#FishChat on Twitter

What is #FishChat and for that matter what the heck is Twitter?  Basically Twitter is electronic messages that you send to the Twittersphere via your computer, smart phone or iPad to communicate with the rest of the inhabitants of planet earth!  I don’t think its gone extra terrestrial yet!  Twitter is like email on steroids, where you send messages ..maybe notes is a better term, to anyone who is following you and that note can be reTweeted (careful don’t get hung up on the terminology …remember a “hard drive”  used to be some thing you did in your car from San Diego to LA in bad traffic!) to anyone that your followers follow.  If the news/ note is something of extreme interest it can go viral …literally millions of people can see it in a matter of minutes.  I actually found out about the Japan earthquake and such 5 minutes before Fox news had it on the screen! If you want o not just listen to the clutter that all those you are following are “Tweeting” you can narrow your scope to just include something you’re interested it at the moment. To focus your search you just put the pound sign (#) in front of what you are wanting to see.  #FishChat is just such a restriction for anglers who want to discuss the topic of the evening!  Tuesday night at 7-8 Mountain Time. So get out there and join a t chat and hopefully #FishChat soon.  We promise not to bite …ok maybe just a little!  

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