Gearing up for Baja!

My mind is racing as I think about this upcoming Season of “Fish the Baja”  Much has happened and I feel like things are going to get blown out of the water this year …figuratively and LITERALLY!  I have made so many new acquaintances and deepen old ones these past 12 months.  I’m getting goose bumps just thinking out where I am with these friendships and the new  knowledge  imparted to me about Baja.  But really I still feel like I have uncovered very little compared to what this Magnificent Peninsula has to offer.  One thing that was abundantly clear from my last trip “around the horn” was how little of Baja I have actually seen.  The trip from Magdalena Bay on the Pacific side to San Jose del Cabo in the Sea of Cortez took just 5 days as we stopped to fish and dive a bunch but was very revealing.  Lonely  sand beaches FULL of Roosterfish and rocky crags full of Pargo and Hawkfish greeted us at every stop.  A chance discovery by Cary Dodson of a “hump”  some 25 miles off shore yielded  multiple 60 lb White Sea Bass, a species usually in the 8-10 lb range in those waters!  Who knows what else there is to discover and experience in this lonely landscape!  So as I look forward to Season 2 I feel like an adventurer on the path to new discovery …heck what I already know about Baja is enough to make me unable to sit at the computer too much longer.  I’m gearing up in my mind and tackle wise for a fantastic year!

Sunrise on the Pacific side

Sunrise in the Sea of Cortez














Pelican greets the sun this morning

with mornings like these you want to just get down to Baja as fast as you can!

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  1. Great first season, dude! Glad I had the opportunity to share some of it with you and that great location…Rancho Leonero…Wow! Looks like (hopefully) my fishing future will be in the Big Sky country of Montana…the land of Rainbos and Browns big and plentiful enough to make your eyes water with joy! One thing I won’t be doing is catching Carp on the fly….please, please… get an intervention done and come back to God’s beautiful creatures!

    Can’t wait to see what season 2 looks like for “Fishing the Baja”!

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