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For the past year or so I have been aware of a disturbing trend in the commercial fishing in Baja.  Some friends in Cabo San Lucas brought to my attention to a video that shocked me called “el Oro de Cortez”, Cortes’ Gold.  I put this short documentary up on and hoped to get a lot of traction and awareness for this serious issue but it seems to be persisting.  Those in charge in Mexico seem to be willing to sacrifice the fishery for short term gain and loose 10,000’s of jobs that rely of sport fishing.  Cabo San Lucas brings in some $1.15 billion per year (that is not a misprint 1.15 BILLION) from sport fishing and in CSL alone it accounts for some 25,000 jobs.  Please watch the video below  and send this out to your fishing buddies to help make them aware of the problem.  Thank you, Dave



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  1. sheilaleysgarcia says:

    Thanks for sharing this…I was totally unaware this was happening. Are you aware of an organization who is trying to communicate with the Mexican Government?

  2. I am not aware on this organization. Who is it?

  3. There are several groups that have been active in lobbying the Mexicans to stop breaking the law. One of our biggest problems is that fact that those in charge of Mexican fisheries are corrupt and I believe receive a fair amount of money in the form of bribes to allow the illegal commercial fishery of Dorado to continue.
    My contention from the beginning, and the reason I produced the first documentary was to try to force the Americans to enforce their own laws and thus cut off access to the American consumer. I gave up several years ago trying to get the officials from Mexican fisheries to enforce their own law. Luckily others such as the Mexican Bill Fish society remain active in that part of the fight.
    Next year we are hopefull though that in 2012 when the Mexican Presidency is up for reelection that there will be a new head of Mexican fisheries that will take seriously how the long term sustainability of sport the fishing industry in Mexico is a better model for employment in the long term than the short term profits and unregulated and illegal dorado fishery of the present.

    Thanks for posting the documentary Dave, I will keep you up to date on how things progress this season


  4. I’m in my late 20’s in age. American citizen. What can I do and others to help stop the illegal importing of Dorado into the USA? boycott buying Dorado( mahi-mahi ) from grocery stores and restaurants in the USA? Avoid buying items made in Mexico? Avoid going to Mexico? Donate or fundraise to fight this cause? Spread the word to gain awareness?

  5. Danny thanks for writing! This is a serious problem in the USA and the potential consequences to the Baja fishery are dire! There are some good things to do and I think one of them would be to have “No Mahi on the menu” movement in the US. Some people are working to get a lawsuit filed against bringing in illegal fish to the US and I will keep people on top of it as to when this happens. The idea is basically to use NAFTA treaty to get this accomplished. Things in MX are VERY slow and the level of corruption in the fisheries department seems insurmountable but a few strong voices are being heard and they will continue to fight. Thanks for your concern and please spread the word about the NOM 29, “Shark Norma” issue.
    Gracias, Dave

  6. javier solmar says:

    hola dave que tristeza es ver esto y que los mas altos(en puestos) en mexico no tomen consiencia.. olvidan que muchas personas vivimos de el y trabajamos para el.. pero lo importante aqui es el dinero y la matanza de este pez y otro mas.

    usted ve lo divertido que es la pesca y por culpa de estos .———— que no se les puede llamar hombres. perdamos una especie y lo mas hermoso que no ha dado en la baja y en el mundo

    suerte dave. ojala algun dia se pueda controlar esto..

    sportfishin no killer fishing

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