Cabo Delivers 5!

Five what youre saying?  Well 5 shows in the can that’s what!  Fishing has been fantastic in Cabo this past 10 days.  We have fished and filmed HARD and it has really paid off in the production.  New camerman JJ Slater has had his work cut out for him here as we have had days of tough conditions and huge waves …for two days on the Pacific side we had HUGE swells with 30-40′ faces and major wind.

First shoot with Stephen Jansen we caught 4 very nice Snook (Pacific White Snook) in the 20-25lb range with lures off the beach in Elias Calles area.  As we were about to leave Stephen saw a Rooster busting bait, changed to a Cabo Killer lure and launched a cast in the general direction.  Twenty Five minutes later the hook pulled at the beach on a nice 30+ Roosterfish! I also had a 50 ish Rooster take a swipe at a Cabo Killer in the area …the Grande Gallos are on the way !!!

Pacific White Snook

Second shoot i fished with long time panga guide and friend Juan Montez.  Juan and I have been sharing a boat for 20 years here in Baja and I caught my first Marlin with him “bottom fishing” off the old lighthouse in 1991!  Juan put us on fish as always and I landed  6 tunas and a Striped Marlin that was great on camera …he jumped like a loco fish and came to the boat quickly!  Awesome!

I have three more shows in the can and will try to get them to you soon …frankly my hands are killing me from fishing SO much !  I bet that didn’t get a lot of sympathy from most of you ..did it? Mary and I are relaxing today at the VIP pool at the new Grand Solmar Hotel and Spa listening to the waves pound the beach across the infinite edge pool …it’s SO tough doing this “job”

Ill post more pics soon as I get them but what a trip and great fishing these past few weeks in Baja!


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  1. Awesome, dude! JJ sounds like a real “catch”!

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