el Acro Hawkfish

My daughter Jess and I  had the unique opportunity to “walk” to el Arco (the Arch) from the SolMar beach this past trip.  I say unique because the Arch had sand around it for the first time in about 15 years.  This only happens on severe tides and only once in a blue moon or so. This small stretch of beach is adjacent to “Lover’s Beach” that you can get a water taxi to at anytime of the year.  I took along a fishing rod and a few lures just to say I have truly fished at lands end in Cabo San Lucas.  I was rewarded with several Hawkfish and Pompano that rarely, if ever, see any lures.  They are one of the most spectacularly colored fishes in all of Baja and have “fleshy” pectoral fins which they use to grip the rocks in the heavy surf areas in which they call home.   JJ Slater was along for the trip and shot some cool video of the excursion!



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  1. Aren’t y’all cute!!

  2. Alex Martel says:

    Hey Dave! Great talking to you again last week on the beach at Playa Grande. Really like your web site!!
    The video of HUGE PezGallos in the surf with Stephan was awesome. I missed it Sun morning it went off on the beach..roosters and jacks.

    I’ll be back in first week in Nov for the WON Tuna Jackpot.

    Let me know if you need a boat for any of your filming. My 29ft Blackfin is on C dock & you’re welcome to fish with my crew on El Bandito

    Alex Martel
    Red Hot Sportfishing

  3. that sounds like a cool walk! its been a long time since I’ve been out there. Nice hawk fish too!

  4. Walking the “beach” at el Arco was one of my favorite memories of Cabo ever! Catching the Hawkfish was icing on the cake! Thanks to you Wes I knew where they would be and how to catch them! thanx, Dave

  5. Alex great to see you too and hope we meet on another beach sometime in Baja! I’m headed back down in a few weeks and hope the bite is going off on the Roosters! I’ll let you know on the boat. We are always looking for more and different views of the sport fishing in Baja!
    Thanks, Dave

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