GoPro/ Troll Pro Underwater Magic w/ Picante Fleet

I’ve always wondered what’s down there under the lures.  You get a few bites on the surface and you wonder if that is ALL the fish there are down there or what?  Well this past few days trolling the Troll Pro housing with a GoPro camera inside answers that questions. Fishing out of CSL with Picante Fleet we captured these great images of Yellowfin Tuna coming and starring at the camera and then hitting the lures we were dragging!  We got 11 YFT to eat the lures but only landed 8 as 3 were eaten by Mako sharks on the way in to the boat!  Two of the Makos decided that the Troll Pro looked good enough to eat and had a quick munch which actually cut up the camera housing a bit and some rescue tape we had around it that ended up in the video :( but still cool !!!

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Enjoy these few stills we ripped from the video and never forget what’s really behind the boat as you are trolling!!!

Mako on Troll Pro/ GoPro 1

Mako Troll Pro/ GoPro 2

Tuna behind the boat in Cabo San Lucas

Tuna and Mako sharks on the GoPro

 This is how we got these amazing shots with a Go Pro camera mounted inside a Troll Pro housing!  COOOOL!!!

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  1. Cool shots, hermano! The underwater cameras will really add to the show!

  2. Dave, correct me if im wrong but those arent makos. Makos have a sharp tip nose and no black tip fins. Actually no black at all.

  3. those are some amazing shots!!!! that’s so cool I really need to get one of those cameras!! christmas wish list for sure!

  4. Wesley good to hear from you and cant wait to see you Brother in a week or so fishing in your old hot spots. Lord willing the Pargo y Gallo are ready to eat a few Stick Shadds and such! Thank you for your support and I’ll speak to Santa for you on the GPPro cameras! Gracias , Dave

  5. Stephanie says:

    Hi Dave! My husband is an avid fisherman and loves taking his GoPro to the canyon during tuna season. I have no doubt he’d love the Troll Pro housing!!! However, I’ve tried emailing the company and they have not yet responded. I have no idea how much the Troll Pro costs or how/where I can buy it. Can you help me PLEASE?

  6. I was told Makos but I’m not that familiar with them. Let’s ask the Twitter community!!!

  7. Hey Stephanie let me see what I can find out! Have you tried emailing to this address:

  8. Hey folks, thanks to all who have contacted us for TrollPro information and orders! My appologies for those that have not heard back from us right away…we’re working on that staffing problem. TrollPro demand has sold out our latest inventory, but we are working on a new Production facility and will be filling orders very soon. Thanks to Dave and the Fish the Baja crew for being power users of TrollPro. Hope you all will join us soon! Tight lines,

  9. Ive said it before id bet money they are black tip reef sharks

  10. TrollPro is available, Introductory Price $129.99 plus $9.99 S&H, E-mail for details, Online ordering available soon at

  11. I love your product. Those are definitely not Mako sharks.

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