Grand Solmar hosts Season 2 crew…

Next week we begin shooting Season 2 of Fish the Baja.  It has been a whirlwind year and its hard to believe we are already starting to film again. This Season starts off with a bang at the new Grand Solmar Lands End Resort and Spa.  This new luxury hotel was built in the same spot as the original SolMar Hotel but is worlds apart in its scope and luxury amenities!  The new high rise design takes advantage of the large rock outcropping that backs up to the site and the common areas and bars overlook the mighty Pacific as does an enormous infinite edge pool!  Check out the pictures below to get a sense of  what Mary and I will have to “endure” for the next two weeks in Cabo San Lucas!  The Resort just opened in March 2011 so all of the  119 rooms are magnificent and waiting just  for you    …visit                    PS check out the surf fisher in one of the pictures!!!






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  1. What a cool new addition! I remember when I stayed at the “old” location (which they tore down to build the new hi-rise).
    The Solmar is a great place to stay…I heartedly recommend it to anyone who goes to Cabo. I’ve stayed there 3 times and never been disappointed! Also….the fishing off the beach is now even closer! Give my regards to Rene’.

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