Hemingway meets Dave!!! …or vice versa!!!

All of us, especially anglers, have certain dreams or fantasies that we entertain from time to time.  The IGFA World Record fish, making the perfect cast on a spectacular fish that finally bites or meeting a special person long admired.  A few weeks ago I had such a dream come true …no I’m not YET an IGFA record holder, I did make some , well pretty good casts at some nice Carp these past few weeks but nothing spectacular! I got a call a few weeks back from Chris Nelson at OnOs Trading Company, my sunglass sponsor, and he told me of a new line of glasses OnOs was going to debut at the ICAST show. These are the new Ernest Hemingway Series and to introduce the new shades was going to be Patrick Hemingway, son of legendary angler and author, Ernest Hemingway.

WOW! I was very excited as my wife Mary and I made it to the hospitality suite at the Hilton where we met Patrick and his wife Carol.  This was really a grand experience as we traded stories of the Keys and old Florida.  What I didn’t expect to find out was that Papa had been a big fan of the Baja and first took his sons to the peninsula in 1946!  They  drove down from California on a road that the U.S. military had made to hunt for Japanese submarines. Patrick related that it was so desolate that their hunting and fishing skills helped to keep the family fed.  All in all we had a wonderful dinner and a few days to share stories of Hemingway’s fishing prowess and love for the ocean and roll out a few pairs great looking and stylish new sunglasses.

Cojimar in Brown Plaid

Walloona in Tortoise

Pilar in BlackTorero in Woodgrain
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  1. Pete Quinn says:

    Exploitation at its worst, Ernest is appalled….Get your own Life…… everything he wrote and stood for was finding
    yourself and going on your own journey…. living off of someone’s past is very sad….FACT sunglasses prevent
    natural vitamin D from being absorbed hence the vitamin d depleted society….. we live in I hope the woman in the picture carol over 200 yrs and Dave is near 100 years and Patrick is 250 plus if not take a look at your lives and find out why you have become such old people at such a young age perhaps its because you never lived one second of your own lives…. The days are numbered for you to live off Ernest……. Justice will be served….

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