Rancho de Costa …WOW!

It is a privilege to fish anywhere on the planet but to have the opportunity to fish in the Baja as much as I do is really a huge privilege!!! This past few weeks I was fortunate enough to hook up with a new friend , Gary Wagner, who developed a unique property just South of La Paz Mexico in Baja.  Gary was looking for a 5 acre parcel to build a retreat for he and his family.  Ignoring Gary’s explicit instructions the real estate agent asked Gary about seeing some acreage near La Paz but with the caveat that it would be a day long trip.  Gary agreed and after seeing the “5 acre parcel” that had another 4,345 acres attached to it he put together an offer and Bahia de los Suenos (the Bay of Dreams) became a reality!  This is an amazing part of the Baja about 2 hours drive from San Jose del Cabo International. The soon to be improved road will cut that down to about an hour and it is well worth the drive.  

The desert landscape on the way to the Rancho is quite stunning and the property itself is spectacular!  The property boast an 18 hole Tom Doak golf course that is hard to believe for its beauty and playability …it is a stunning contrast to the surrounding landscape and takes a 1,000,000 gallons of water a day to keep it green!  A special grass allows the use of salt water except for once every 30 days to flush the fairways and greens.  The property also has great accommodations and a mile long paved runway ..so bring the Citation down …they are ready!  My first cast into the calm waters in front of my room yielded a Pargo about 4 pounds and the second a Hawkfish!  Just across the bay is the “Spanish Dock” which is thought to be from the year 1535 and the original stone work is there for you to see!  Each morning breathtaking sunrises  are a harbinger of the calm day to come in this very special Baja paradise.  Just North and East a bit is Cerralvo Island with some of the best fishing and diving in all the Baja and it is covered up with wild goats!  Roosterfish, Snapper, Hawkfish, Tuna and Marlin are readily available a few minutes from shore and your boat can pick you up just steps from Rancho de Costa.

Gary Wagner, owner of Rancho de Costa, and I had a great day of Roosters on live bait with light tackle.  In the back there is Manny and he turned out to be super fun to have on the boat!!! He and I really hit it off after a few days on the water together and as I began to speak a little more Espanole a friendship was off and running!!! See second the picture below!

The other great thing at the Rancho is amazing shore fishing.  Although the big species like Roosters and larger snapper were not playing during my trip the Hawkfish and smaller Snappers were ready to hit a SEBILE Stick Shadd cast among the many inshore rocks and crevices. This one was just off a point easily accessible from the shore on the South side of the Property. The Hawkfish’s cool little rubbery pectoral fins are what it uses to hold on to rocks from whence to launch themselves at the next meal!!! Totally sick looking too …my daughter says that’s a good thing!!!





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  1. Jerry Clark says:

    I can’t wait to see your show of Rancho de Costa! I have been there 4 times in the past 14 months and absolutely love that place!

  2. Hey Jerry
    Glad you wrote and hope you’ve had a chance to see some other Episodes as well. The Rancho de Costa show will air this Thursday, Match 8 at 10:30 AM EST on NBC Sports Network. Hope you get a chance to watch.

  3. Lynn Morris says:

    I had the privilege of spending several days at Rancho after my daughters wedding thanks to my brother in law J.C., and absolutely fell in love (with the place AND the special two that took care of us all week). What a special time! Can’t wait to go back some day!

  4. Hey Lynn
    Make sure you watch on Thursday 3/8/12 for the show we shot from Rancho de Costa on NBC Sports!

  5. Jerry Clark says:

    Dave, you need to come join our group in March. My group has rented out the entire place! I should have a guy on the trip you will want to film :).

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