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Surf fishing in Baja is mostly about the proper water conditions.  Water determines everything …the size of the waves, the color, the wind and the baitfish all effect your day on the beach!  Finding the “right” water is the key to success!!! This past few trips to Baja have had certain situations that made the surf fishing boom AND bust!  The recent tropical storm had waves HUGE for awhile then the wind  blew in some cold green water that really shut off the fishing.  The water temperature went from 80 to 72 degrees in a matter of days and the fish really didn’t like it!  I spent a full seven days on the beach casting my little heart out with only one (1) Roosterfish bite and that it was an immediate release!!! Ironically that bite was at the very same spot, with the very same lure, a SEBILE Stick Shadd 155, where I caught the 60+lber last year!  My thanks to Stephen Jansen and Wesley Brough for really busting their butts in trying to put me on fish.

Sometimes it is just a lot of casting …but from some picturesque spots mind you!!!

Earlier in the year we saw great Snook action near Elias Calles and it was a real eye opener as I don’t really associate Snook with Baja!!! The average Snook in the area is about 25lbs too!!!



What ever you decide to do as far as surf fishing you really want to try and catch a Hawkfish.  They are  super aggressive and readily take lures close to the rocky areas …I mean REALLY close , like a few inches away!!! They are great fighter and one of the most amazingly beautiful fish I’ve ever caught! This one ate a SEBILE Magic Swimmer but they like any properly sized, slowly switched, bait!

From one day to the next the bite can change.  This Roosterfish came after 3 days of striking out but then it was EVERY cast for 2-3 hours with 30 to 70lbers!!! Amazing lace and so visual with the big waves allowing you to see  into where the fish are cruising and eating!!!


















Despite how tough the surf fishing conditions can be at times the scenery is something to behold anywhere in Baja or the world for that matter!!!

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  1. Sweet pics! Nice to see the Surf Squad in action. Can’t wait to get back down in 75 days and praying for WARM water!

  2. Could you tell me what weight and type Sebile 155 Stick bait you used on the Roosters?
    Thanks J.M.

  3. The SEBILE Stick Shad 155 or 182 in the sinking models are best! They cast farther than the floating and you can rip them and they stay in the water. If you get a blow up and the fish misses, just t]start doing a more normal retrieve with short fast rps! God luck amigo!

  4. Mike Gilbert says:

    Hey Dave, do you have any updated contact info for Wesley? We e-mailed back and forth at the beginning of the year, and now I can’t seem to get in touch with him. I’m heading down in a few weeks and want to set up a trip with him.

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