Year of the Marlin…

It seems each year I go to Baja is characterized by a different species of fish.  The year before I started filming “Fish the Baja” was the year of the Pargo (Snapper).  Wesley Brough and I just hammer huge Pargo and Dogtooth Snappers right off the rocks and beach it was sick!!!

The first Season of filming FTB we had Roosterfish out the ying yang …we called it RoosterFest or the “Year of the Rooster” in the Chinese New year sort of way! Cocka-doodle-dooooooooooo!!!

This first few trips to Baja have proven to be the “Year of the Marlin”!  Heading out with Juan Montez on his Panga one morning we started getting into some great Yellowfin Tuna.  As the morning went on a small Striped Marlin wandered into our view and readily ate a live bait!  This was the perfect camera fish …he jumped 14,000 times and came to the boat side in about 12 minutes for an up close and personnel release.  Juan had not been himself all day, intimidated by the camera perhaps let me bill and release my own fish while he watched!  Subsequent trips that 2 weeks saw 4 more Striped Marlin come to the boat as well as two by my daughter Jessica, her first Marlins ever!  Also great underwater footage of these fish is going to really spice up Season 2 which begins  January 2012







Marlin TrollPro-Matrox MAX H.264 for Youtube HD 1280x720p 29.97 44.1 kHz from 1080i

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