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Don Luis Bulnes Molleda and his wife Conchita moved to Cabo San Lucas in September of 1955 to run the Tuna cannery. At that time there were no restaurants, no electricity and no running water in the home Don Luis and Conchita were given to live in, in fact the sheets were so rough they threw their overcoats on top of them to make it comfortable. Cabo had some 400 residents at the time and life was very simple. Don Luis excelled at running the Tuna cannery and increased the output from some 14,000 cases /year to over 300,000/ year some 20 years later. As the tuna played out he partnered with Luis Coppela to build the Hotel Finisterra and eventually the SolMar Beach Club, Playa Grande Resort, Hotel Quinta del Sol as well as the El Galeon, La Fonda, Sea Queen and Romeo and Julieta restaurants. The SolMar Resorts at present have completed the first phase of the new Grand SolMar Lands End Resort and Spa, a magnificent property right at the site of the original SolMar Hotel.
I had the privilege of meeting Don Luis several times at the SolMar and once had a face to face business meeting with him about a new idea I had for Cabo San Lucas. He was very attentive, patient and a great listener.

The last two times I saw him he was his gracious self, although being assisted by a few guys helping him walk along, he gave me a little nod and a warm smile. Seeing Don Luis and Conchita at the opening celebration of  Grand SolMar this past Spring was a treat as well. You could see a look of great satisfaction on Don Luis’ face as this spectacular Resort was dedicated and the many people that have made their livelihood came by to thank him for his vision. Don Luis’ courageous spirit and the support of a loving wife in Conchita gave literally tens of thousands of people the opportunity to change their stars and prosper in a variety of businesses in Cabo San Lucas.

On September 26, just two weeks before Don Luis’ passing, a new Cabo San Lucas record was landed. The 1,213 pound Blue Marlin was a fitting tribute to the man who started it all.

My deepest condolences go to the Bulnes family and a heartfelt thank you to Don Luis Bulnes for his amazing vision and the tenacity to see that vision through to fruition! We will miss you Senior!!!

Legendary Vision: Grand SolMar Resort at Lands End

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