Record Marlin caught off Cabo San Lucas

When  heading to Baja  I usually have  an idea in mind of what we will catch …but you can’t always be sure.  Such was the story for angler Richar Biehl as he trolled off the 95 Spot near Cabo San Lucas on September 25, 2011.

I have resisted writing anything about this catch as there were SO many others but after looking again at the pictures I felt compelled to scribble something out.  Several amazing things come to mind but the tenacity of the angler and crew have to be at the top of the list.  This giant marlin, 1,213 pounds, (that is not a misprint) was fought for nearly 28 hours!!!  The crew and angler fought off fatigue and weakening line to bring this true monster to the scale.  Originally targeting much smaller marlin the crew had only 60lb main line with a 300# leader.  The fact that they were able to keep this fish from breaking the line speaks well to the boat handling of Capt. Luis Abaroa and the crew aboard the “Go Deep”.  Angler Richard Biehl of Traverse City, Michigan is credited with the catch that was too long to weigh on the scale at the dock!

The Blue Marlin was 137″ long by 75″ girth or 11′-3″ X 6′-4″, and that did NOT include the bill or the tail!!!  WOW!!! The weight of 1,213 pounds was estimated by a fairly accurate length and girth calculation used by many at boat side when wanting to release these giants.  Next time you are in Cabo remember you never REALLY know what’s down there!!!

PS_  the catch of this new Baja record was a fitting tribute to the man who started things off in Cabo San Lucas, Don Luis Bulnes, who passed away about two weeks afterwards

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