GoPro and TrollPro …a perfect marriage

Thank s to JJ Slater I was introduced to the Troll Pro underwater camera housing!  JJ brought two TrollPros on our first shoot together in the Spring of 2011 and got some spectacular footage.  Basically the TrollPro houses a GoPro HD HERO camera and is towed behind the boat in front of the lures or baits.  It is the bees knees!

 First fish one morning was a Dorado on the left rigger line and I thought, “cool, nice Dorado”!  When we downloaded the footage we realized that there were some 63 Yellofin Tuna behind the lures and you can view the Dorado coming into the back of the spread and then hit the lure!  AWESOME.

 But hold on Fish Fans, in early 2012 GoPro is introducing a WiFi “backpack” for the camera that can control record starts and stops BUT more importantly can LIVE STREAM the footage to your iPhone or Android!  Will that be SICK or what??? You will no longer wonder what is really behind the boat!!!  Watch for some “epic” video front the GoPro/ TrollPro set up on Season 2 of Fish the Baja!!!

63 Yellowfin eyeballing the TrollPro/ GoPro set up!!!


Check out the Killer Whale that checks out the GoPro Troll Pro set up!!!



Check out this video shot from the GoProTrollPro combo.  Don’t miss the Dorado at the end of the video as he comes in for a look!!! (11O’Clock high)

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  1. really i like it very much i am RedSea Diver and fisherman i need to get this cam , Pls tell me from where i can get it and the price

  2. Dave, Thanks for the exposure and sharing the excitement that our TrollPro housing and the goPro cameras can bring to everyone’s fishing experience. Our aim was to provide the means for everyone to capture the excitement of their fishing experience above and below the water. Great show!
    Tight lines!
    Dave Wessner

  3. wifi wont pass through salt water

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