Mag Bay bound…

Well the fish powers that be are smiling on me this fall.  After a few calls, finally frantic, Jeff De Brown of the Reel Baja convinced me to come down to Baja and hit Mag Bay again.  Not that I didn’t want to go mind you but the endless trolling last December with not even ONE fish of any kind had me a bit hesitant! Jeff insisted that there were Marlin ALL OVER THE PLACE!  In fact the Tuna fisherman were so frustrated in hooking up so many Striped Marlin that they gave up and went inside to the mangroves!!!

Talking to Capt. Cary Dodson of the Success Sportfishing boat said today that the fishing was slow unless well y0u wanted Marlin “…the dang Marlin are all over the place if you want to target them”!!!  Hmmm, let’s see …well OK!!! So the crew and I are off to Mag Bay on December 13 -19 for Striped Mrin on the fly and maybe a few on conventional too.  Dorado are thick as well, so we are after el Oro de Cortez on the fly and light tackle.  After two days on the Success we will head to Bob Hoyt’s camp on the point overlooking Bahia Santa Maria.  Bob’s operation, Mag Bay Outfitters, is the best folks to help with a visit to the Mag Bay area and they have been gracious to host the Fish the Baja crew again this year for another shoot!  Here are a few shots of last year’s trip and make sure to check back for an update during the shoot …internet permitting of course!

Thanks Jeff for being persistent in calling!  Gracias Amigo!!!

Leopard Grouper on the fly with Mag Bay Outfitters

Success Capt. Cary Dodson and I with huge White Sea Bass! My first ever!!!

Broomtail Grouper, not large, ONLY 50lbs! They get over 100!!!

What I hope to not to be doing …LOOKING for Marlin, but rather catching!

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  1. emilio fracchia says:

    Hi D,
    congrats for the bass…wicked speciment.
    Question for you: I want that pink backing…what is it? Who makes it?
    Always a great time down here…Big jacks are all over the place, North of SanJo.

  2. Emillo, the comes from Cam Sigler and is great stuff to use because it shows up in blue water SO well. The Captains really like it because they know how to position the boats!!!
    Go to: and check out his stuff!!!
    thanks Dave

  3. E
    here is an easier link
    thnx D

  4. emilio fracchia says:

    Thanks man..

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