is Mexico safe???

The question that I hear most about fishing in Mexico it is not related to the fishing, not what am I catching, not fly or conventional, not surf or boat, not inshore or offshore!!! The question I hear most about fishing in Mexico is …IS IT SAFE? “

“Aren’t you worried about being in Mexico with all the violence there?” Well the short answer is NO, but I thought a more detailed answer was in order so that you know that I’m it’s not just willing to risk going to Baja just for the great fishing.  I have been known to trek to some “out of the way” places and put my life in danger just for fishing but Baja is not one of those places.

Despite the mainstream and even the “Fair and Balanced” networks going on and on about the violence in Mexico, Mexico is one of the safest places to visit on the planet.  Yes their have been a lot of murders since President Felipe Caldéron turned up the heat on the drug cartels South of the border but lets put some perspective on it.

The Facts:

1-most of the killings have been within 70 kilometers (42 miles) of the border! The beaches at the border are not very nice!!! LOL!

2-All but very few of these 40,000+ killings have been one drug cartel guy killing another drug cartel guy over territory. If you are in the drug business you need to remember that HIGH RISK, HIGH RETURN does not only apply to the Stock Market!

3-I have been told that only twenty (20) of these killing were Americans and that of those 20, 18 were known drug dealer types. I’m not saying that one Nationality has more value than another but it is Americans that are not visiting Mexico. Last I heard there are still millions of Mexicans visiting the U.S.!!!

4-being drunk in a bar or brothel at 2 AM in a Mexican border town is not safe behavior and shouldn’t be practiced by those folks worried about their safety.  For that matter, you can get in trouble in Detroit, Miami or NYC in the same precarious circumstances

5-there were probably a few murders in New Orleans and L.A. yesterday but if you wanted to go there tomorrow you would.  I wouldn’t hang out in the Lower 9th Ward or Watts but I would go and USE my head for more than a hat rack!

6- In Baja California Sur the murder rate is 2.98 per 100,000.  The average in the U.S. is 5.0 per 100,000.  Now that’s smack dab in the middle of the NO SPIN ZONE!

Some of you will probably refer  to the recent shootings in Cabo San Lucas to say “See there is even violence in the resort areas!”  Well that’s true there was as shoot out in Cabo as part of the serving of a arrest warrant but nothing more than we get right here in the USA under the same circumstances.  I am sure that there are some cases of violence against tourists in Mexico and I don’t claim to be the final authority by any means but please lets be rational about the REAL threat here.  The truth is it is probably much more risky to drive to the airport to catch your flight to Mexico! Please take a moment and read the letter from the Governor of Baja California Sur in the photo below.  Gracias and see you in Baja!

So what you need to ask yourself is …Did you drive to the airport to catch the plane to Baja?  That was statistically much more risky!!!

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