Mag Bay mangrove menagerie…

Mag Bay Baja Mexico

Thick mangrove islands are all over Mag Bay and are home to numerous species of fish & birds

On the last trip to Baja I had the unique experience of going farther “up” into Mag Bay than ever before.  In fact it was as far as you can go and still be in Mag Bay.

Jeff deBrown, good buddy and East Cape fly guru, had never been this far up either but our guide, Chapo, said he knew of a few spots that may hold some larger fish.  Chapo has been commercially fishing the waters of Mag Bay since childhood with his father  & would have been clamming today had he not been guiding us.

Jeff and I are guests of Bob and Diana Hoyt of Mag Bay Outfitters and they had set us up with a new guide that frankly we were bit concerned with …but only at first.  As things turned out Chapo really put us on fish and showed us some “new” spots that were quite amazing.

Throwing a 400 grain sinking line on my new TFO BVK 8 wt. & Galvan were reaping huge benefits as Leopard Grouper, Spotted Bay Bass and a new species, a Roncacho, all readily ate the fly and made for a great show!

a Roncacho, in the Croaker Family and a tough fighter!!!

Jeff deBrown with a Spotted Bay Bass that really loved the fly!

Grande Leopard Grouper from Mag Bay on the fly! Thanks Chapo!!!

Cameraman, James Drake, has been filming for me for 8 years and is always on top of it!!!

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