Marlin Capital of the world…

If you want to catch a Marlin the best place in the world is arguably Cabo San Lucas, Baja Mexico.  The deep water just offshore make the runs to get into Marlin fishing grounds as short as a few hundred yards.  I’m not kidding here!  One of my last trips with the Sol Mar fleet, Havier and Havi, a father & son Captain and Mate team,  had me I hooked up to my first Striped Marlin about 200 yards from the famed “el Arco”, the arched rock at the mouth of Cabo’s marina.  The day would see a very nice Bull Dorado and 4 more Striped Marlin hooked and released for my best day ever on the water …5 marlin!  All together that day we saw perhaps 50 or 60 Marlin tailing and cruising the waves within sight of lands end, something folks in Florida and the Carolinas only dream about.

My last trip to Baja we “raised” about 25 to 30 fish per day to the teasers for a chance at hooking up with the fly rod.  Tell me where else on the planet you can do this within a few hours flight of a majority of the American population …I’m not sure it exists!

This past Spring my daughter Jessica landed her first Striper with the Minerva Fleet just a few miles offshore.  These are great first time Billfish.  Not too long of a fight, not too large of tackle and spectacular acrobatic jumps make for a wonderful and addictive introduction! So if landing a Marlin is on your bucket list get yourself to Baja and hook up with a Striped Marlin.

The season for Stripers is year round and if you decide to go in the fall, October, November or December, you have a shot at a big Blue or Black Marlin that make there way to the fertile grounds off Cabo San Lucas.  One Blue Marlin caught of Baja just recently tipped the scales at 1,213 pounds so hit the gym before you go!!!


Are you ready to go Marlin fishing in Baja?  How many fish are in the foto below???

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  1. Frank Bays says:

    Am watching Baja on TV as I write you caught your web site got here to look around. Not to be critical but you have a misspelled word at the top of this page, Where it says “as close as a few hundred YEARS”
    Great show nice job….


  2. Thanks Frank! I got it corrected. Dang auto correct!!! Glad you like the show!
    Tight lines,

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