Season 2 Premiers on NBC Sports

Well it is sort of Premiering on NBC SPorts. Technically the Versus Channel doesn’t change its name to NBC Sports until January 2, 2012 but we are all using NBC graphics and protocols for the programming so we a going with it. I am very excited to bring you all the best of Baja this Season on Fish the Baja. It will be the “Year of the Marlin” …perhaps not in China but for sure in the Baja. It seems as though we couldn’t get away from the Striped Marlin this Season which had eluded us in Season 1, what we call the “Year of the Rooster” (that almost sounds Chinese!!!) Anyway we begin with a unique show with some very nice Snook and then on to the Marlin. Hope you enjoy the show and thanks for watching! Dave

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