…new biggest fish for Jessica

This week (1/1/12) premiers the 2nd Episode of Season 2 of “Fish the Baja”.  Joining me this trip is my daughter Jessica who for some reason has never shot TV with me before.  She is not an avid angler by any means but is quite good at catching fish and would say as long as we are going “catching” she’s up for the trip. Jessica’s largest fish up to this time was a nice largemouth bass about 8lbs out of a farm pond in Kansas.  Each Spring, actually each Mother’s Day weekend, we would head to Kansas to give mom a much needed break. This started once when my schedule only had that weekend open and Mary enjoyed it SO much (she said it was the BEST Mother’s Day gift ever!) that we did every year when the kids were young.  Any way Jessica lands this very nice 8 pound largemouth and I had forgotten to bring my camera from the truck.  After a one mile run to the truck and back I got these pictures to commemorate the occasion.

Now a few years later Jessica is about to shatter the 8lb mark with two Striped Marlin off Cabo San Lucas in the typical 140-150lb range and even thought she was really sick on the boat she kept a good attitude and did a great job on the rod and reel.

Next biggest fish for Jess will have to be a BIGGER Marlin or tuna!!!  See the snapshot video below and tune into NBC Sports Network this Thursday 1/5/2012 to see Jessica in action!  Hope you enjoy!  Dave

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  1. Great catch, Jess!

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