SHOT Show 2012

Most people have never heard of the SHOT Show or if they have they aren’t really sure what it is!  SHOT, as regular attenders call it, is the most amazing trade show I’ve ever been to anywhere. If you have had the occasion to go to the ICAST fishing show some July that is impressive but take that  times 10 and you have SHOT. More than 60,000 attendees, with some 300 vendors from all over the world and over 12,000 firearms all in the same building! BTW, no one is ever shot at the SHOT Show!   Some of the booths at SHOT are 50′ X 100′ and two stories, with catering on the second floor!

Every conceivable hunting, shooting and outdoor accessory you can imagine is here including a tactical section that is 5 acres in area.  If you need to supply your local gun shop or Banana Repulic army this is the place to make those connections and get what need require. Ever seen a set of shotguns for $332,000?    They have it at SHOT!

How about the 50 Caliber Sniper Rifle that holds the current long distance record? See the Tactical Section!  BTW, it the record is some 2,706 yards …yep, about  a mile and a half confirmed. In the tactical section most attendees are dressed in black and have that “Soldier of Fortune” look about them.

If you plan to attend SHOT it is best to decide what you want to see at the Show before wandering around because if you spent a minute at each booth it will take you some three weeks to complete.  Hope to get some good pix these next few days for you all!  BANG!!!

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