a bit of time with Dave Whitlock

This past week /weekend was a bit crazy for me here in Denver.  The ISE Show was at the Colorado Convention Center AND The Fly Show was at the Merchandise Mart.  I felt like a ping pong ball all week!  That aside I  had the privilege of spending some time with a few good friends at the Fly Show namely Dave & Emily Whitlock. Dave and Emily are some of the niciest people you’ll ever meet and really tend to bring that quality out in those they touch.  One morning as I sat with them a new customer of theirs that had made a large purchase the night before brought them some freshly baked cookies!

Dave is the consummate artist and writer and really makes those around him feel special  as he autographs their books and prints.  It is amazing to watch him customize a print with some extra detail or even something as simple as a signature on one of his books.  He will draw a little trout or bass, depending on the answer to his question to you…”what do you like to catch?”

One show he made me a custom name tag that I cherish to this day, a Roosterfish with an attitude, next to my name and in color.  He lamented to me that it wasn’t very good as he had never caught a Roosterfish or seen one up close!  WOW!!!

Dave is quite the gentleman and still has so much spunk that it is great to be around him.  He inspires me to do cast better, fish better, and think better every time I get to spend a few moments with him, and his artwork is truly spectacular!!! Emily is just as wonderful and together they make an incredible team!!! See his awesome work at www.davewhitlock.com

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