Tying something new…

Just came back from the Denver Fly Show and I was amazed as always with the cornucopia of fly tiers in the house.  There must have been 50 pro tiers with there vices cranking out cool stuff!

 This could be very intimidating to me and perhaps you too but let me try and encourage you to tie something new!  Copying someone else’s patterns are great but I would encourage you to adapt and try some new stuff.  One thing I saw eat the show was some cool new materials and new ways to tie them.  People are really pushing the envelope of what constitutes a “fly” it seems!

So get out your vice, dust it off and crank out a new bug or two then get out and get it wet.  There is nothing quite as satisfying as catching a nice fish our you own stuff!

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  1. waterboatman says:

    I think it is a pity that English grammar, as used in this article, exists in the public domain. Someone who is writing what appears to be a professional article should really know the basics. The author of this piece, I’m afraid, does not.

  2. Please tell me where? I was in the lower 5% in English in school!

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