Panga fishing in Baja…

Discover Where It All Started in Cabo San Lucas

I once asked a boat captain in Cabo why the dolphins jump out of the water.  He told me that they were “felis”, the Spanish word for happy!  Just watching them for awhile would make most people come to that conclusion.

Juan Montez - Boat Captain

A sure way to get up close and personal with a pod of dolphins is to fish out of a small boat in the Baja.

The boat of the Baja, the Panga, is where it all started as far as boats are concerned in the Magnificent Peninsula.

This is the work horse to this day of the commercial fishing fleets, whether is inside the Sea of Cortez for finned species or in Magdelina Bay for crabs, scallops or lobsters.

My first fishing trip in Baja was on a Panga and with a guy named Juan Montez and it is still a trip I make nearly every time I go to Cabo San Lucas.  Juan is a great guy that REALLY loves to fish and that come out in how how hard he works while on the water.  He always has a fantastic attitude and is quick with a joke and usually sings throughout the day as you troll for or cast to fish.  Most of my firsts in Baja have been with Juan!

My first Marlin, first Roosterfish, my first yellowfin Tuna, first saltwater fish on the fly, a very nice Dorado, and many other adventures with friends and family.

Don’t miss the GoPro / Troll Pro footage of the Tuna and Striped Marlin!  Cool!

Striped Marlin - Baja

It was a forgone conclusion that as I began filming “Fish the Baja” that Juan and I would fish together on the show.

Well this week is the time and as always Juan did not disappoint, putting me on lots of Yellowfin Tuna and a very HOT Striped Marlin.  The sea was alive with pods of dolphins and Juan was quick to show us a great time.

 It is obvious that after 20 years of fishing together  he is still jumping for fun!

Tune In Thursday 10:30am EST – NBC Sports

Dave Maynard - Roosterfish Catch

Dave Maynard - Yellowfin Tuna

GoPro Camera - You have got to get one

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  1. How do i get in contact with Juan? I’m heading down to Cabo March 14th and am probably looking for a panga i could charter. thanks Joe.

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