Sharks attack Tunas with Picante Fleet

One of the things about fishing in saltwater for long is you will usually have a Barracuda or shark eat what you are catching. In the Sea of Cortez I have always been fortunate for the past 20 years until this last trip with the Picante Fleet. Leaving from Cabo San Lucas Marina we headed out for a day of Yellowfin Tuna and perhaps a few Striped Marlin. Standard fare for a trip in June out of Cabo.

As the day played out I hooked up with eleven 15-25lb Yellowfin Tunas and 2 Striped Marlin on lures and live bait in kind. The last 3 tunas though were savagely attacked by sharks. Makos I had thought at first but folks on Twitter and Facebook are telling me no, so maybe a Whaler or some other kind. Either way the Tuna were just as attacked as ever and not in the usual way where the shark cuts them off behind the gill plate but EATING THE TUNA WHOLE! Three sharks got impaled on the trolling lure and I fought them for awhile until they cut thru the 200lb mono leader! CRAZY! Hope you all enjoy the Episode which airs Thursday March 1, 2012 at 10:30 AM EST/ 7:30 AM PST on NBC Sports

Mako on Troll Pro 1








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