HammerHedd Net introduced…

What would you think of a compact fishing net that will hold a fish 48″ long and 25 pounds?

For the past two years or so I have been fly fishing for Carp as most of you know. The Carp has proved to be a very formidable adversary when I am away from Baja and really need my line stretched by something BIG!

 Stalking Carp on the flats I’ve discovered in Colorado is great except for one aspect that was always tough …landing the fish unharmed.  If you are by yourself or wading and casting, while trying to cover a lot of ground, having a net large enough to land even a small Golden Ghost is unwieldily. The nets that are portable and large enough are for guiding and are really too big to carry on your back like a typical fly fishing net. What I was looking for was a compact design with large capacity …sounds like an impossibility, a small large net!  With that as background an idea began forming in my head about how to accomplish this small/ large net but I didn’t think I could actually make the thing.  Finally the idea drove me to force myself to learn about steaming and bending wood, making forms and what woods would bend and yet be strong enough to pull off this radical net design.  Last fall the first HammerHedd came off the form, was glued, sanded and finished …then I found a net bag that would fit the frame, although it is  not the final design.

This was November of 2011, well past the typical Ghost hunting time for me and the water was very cold but I needed to test my design to see if it met the criteria.  Well the HammerHedd passed the test with flying colors and even brought an aspect of the net more clearly into focus …a locking feature!  Was I excited or what???

 We are now patent applied for and I am able to introduce the net to you here.  One redesign so far and also still trying to source the correct PVC net bag in the proper shape that will make the HammerHedd perform even better.

What do you think of this, a net with a hoop of 25″ X 7″ that will easily hold a fish more that 48″ and 25 pounds? The first few nets are made of Hickory and some wild Red African wood that a good buddy gave to me but a carbon model is being sourced which should be lighter AND stronger!

A harbinger of good things to come …a Mirrored Carp eats and is one of the first to be bagged in the HammerHedd!!!

HammerHedd Update … Flip Pallot lands first saltwater fish in the HH-Net!

Good friend Flip Pallot graciously agreed to test the HammerHedd for me and has the  honor (or disgrace) of landing the first saltwater fish with the net!  He also sent along a few foots to  show something other than a Carp WILL fit in the net!!! Flip did have a few suggestions for improvements which we will incorporate soon but over all loves the net and concept!  Thanks Flip!!!

Flip Pallot lands first saltwater fish with the HammerHedd ...a nice Redfish!!!






Flip lands a NICE Speckled Trout in the HammerHedd!!!













Possible logo for the HammerHedd!!!???

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  1. Great idea! I’d use one!

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