MONSTER Fish Invasion: Baja!!!

What is up in Baja with all the Monster Fish?  I was just writting a post about Wesley Brough’s VERY nice Cubera this week and it just hit me right between the eyes!  There have been SO many large, huge, big, ginormous, gonjo, MONSTER fish caught in Baja in the past year!!! Let’s take a quick look at a few of them…

Going back about a year Wesley Brough guided me to this very nice 50+lb Roosterfish from the surf.

The fish ate a SEBILE Stick Shadd 155 Fast Sinking that hangs from the desk lamp in my office…

  We were awarded 2 Telly Awards for the Episode of Fish the Baja that featured this fish!


Wes and I also had a fantastic day from the rocks near his home landing 17 Snappers and missing a MONSTER Cubera even larger than the one below.  Wesley Brough holding NOT a puny Cubera especially when you keep in mind that Wes is 6′-7″ tall!!! Many of these fish were on the SEBILE Stick Shadd 155 and 182 Floating models! (see the trashed Gold Stick Shadd below the white one above!)

Next fish was one that Gary Wagner from Rancho de Costa near La Paz sent me.  This fish was speared by a diver off the coast of Cerralvo Island and would weigh in the 300-400lb range.   I wish this had NOT been killed as most of these amazing fish are being removed from the Sea of Cortez. This is where angling has a much superior advantage to spear fishing.  We can keep fish that fit on the grill and let the large breeding fish go.

Huge Sea Bass shot in Baja

While we are talking about Rancho de Costa and Bahia de los Suenos let’s see another foto Gary sent me of a recent Wahoo catch near Cerralvo as well. WOW what a ‘Hoooooooo!

This past December I returned to Mag Bay to catch Marli on the fly with Success Sports Fishing and Jeff DeBrown of the Reel Baja.  Just one year ago a new IGFA Yellowfin Tuna record was caught in the same waters weighing 405.2lbs!!!

On up the Baja Peninsula at Rancho Leonero I landed this nice Roosterfish while filming with my brother Paul.

We also landed some other MONSTERS of the deep …the Humbolt Squid!!! Creepy! Can you imagine a half a dozen of these on you with their parrot type beaks taking out plumb size bites  …OUCH!!!

Then back to Cabo San Lucas where right before the Bizbees Black & Blue Tournament this truly gigantic Blue Marlin is caught after a 13 hour fight!  This Blue went 1,213lbs!  Too bad this fish was not released as well but nice to be able to see it to get some perspective!

Lastly was a fish that we all have nightmare about as boater and anglers …the Great White shark.  Picante Sportsfishing reported landing one in April of 990lbs and then this King of the Seas caught in a net near Guaymas in the upper Sea of Cortez estimated at 2,000lbs.  Makes me think twice about hanging my legs over the side of my Hobie Pro angler when offshore!




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  1. Great compilation Dave! Those are some pretty monster fish! You should get down here! The fish are still going off! Even today I caught some nice ones!

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