Rocking Roosters!!!

As I left Los Cabos this past week I was hearing about some HUGE, MASSIVE, ENORMOUS Roosterfish being caught in the East Cape, specifically around Rancho Leonero.  The fishing had been SLOW in the two weeks I was there as some freakishly COLD water had sucked up to the Cape and had shut things down.  That being said there were NOT numbers of fish being caught in Cabo San Lucas but the Roosterfish that were caught were VERY LARGE!  Good buddy Wesley Brough had this 75ish fish seen below:

Later in the week I passed by the Marina, to my sadness I saw a really nice Rooster, perhaps over 60lbs, in a bucket being ready to be hung on the scales! In my disgust I failed to take a picture but the tail on the fish was some 14-16″ across as it stuck out of the trash can!  BTW PLEASE don’t let your capitans talk you into keeping Roosterfish and Billfish!  Roosters especially are horrible table fare and can only really be eaten with a TON of spices to make them palatable!!!

Later yet I spoke with Jeff deBrown of The Reel Baja and he was telling me that the Roosters in East Cape were being very selective on eating flies but the guys throwing bait were catching “nice” fish!  Nicefish?  What size Jeff? I said.  A 70lber today and an 80+lber yesterday on live Caballitos hooked in the tail so that they swim deep!  WOW!!!  Oh yeah also someone at Rancho Leonero released a fish in the 100lb range! Pictures to come on the ones from Jeff.

I wrote John Ireland from Rancho Leonero to inquire about the BIG Roosters and this was his reply and a few fotos below:

Hi  David
Big Gallo’s for the past three weeks..All released a couple in the hundred pound range , lots and lots in the 50 to 70# range..The biggest and best Rooster fishing I can recall..
I caught 6 in two hours on Monday..All between 50 and 70#’s..All on live Jacks.. I will forward you a photo..Also feel free to take any photos off our website..



Stay tuned as reports and pix come in to me!  Great times in Los Cabos!!!



And lastly check out Keeton Eoff, my former teammate at SEBILE, with this beefy Roosterfish from the New Hobie Pro Angler 12!  Awesome catch K …way to HUG ‘EM!!!

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  1. Chris K. says:

    Wesley is 6′-7″ tall and STRONG! It looks like he is just standing there non-chalantly holding that fish. That Rooster was SO BIG & HEAVY it took Wes five tries to hold it up high enough for the picture. It took two of us to carry it from the water and then back to release it.

  2. WOW Chris that is amazing! Wes is totally RIPPED!!! Reminds me of myself some 30 years ago and 13′ shorter!!! hahaha

  3. Don Kiser says:


    Good Day. Can you tell us what Wesley caught the giant Rooster on.??

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