Wesley Brough …winning!!!

One of the cool things about winning something is being able to share that experience with others who helped get you there.  For Fish the Baja, Season 1,Episode 3, that person was Wesley Brough!  Wes and I met at Jansen’s Inshore Tackle in Cabo San Lucas and became fast friends! I believe that this was no coincidence but rather Divine intervention with a higher purpose for both me and Wes …even better than great fishing …and I am dying to find out what verse that will be!

Anyhow, we met up a day or so later and had what has been my best surf fishing experience EVER!  Wes took me to a spot that he doesn’t take his customers …not so much because of secret spot syndrome but because it is VERY difficult to climb the rocks and do it quickly enough to not get swept out to sea!!!  That day we LANDED 17 Pargo, both Pargo Colorado and Cuberas, and numerous Jacks, Hawkfish and more!  BTW we were probably only batting 500!!! We lost just as many fish to the rocks and pulled hooks!

That was our 1st fishing excursion together and just the start of what I know will be a lifelong friendship! How great it was to come back the next season, film with Wesley and land the Roosterfish of my life thanks to his expert guidance! It was with great pleasure that we were able to present him with a Silver People’s Telly Award for his part in making the award winning show!  Thanks Wes!!!

50+lb Roosterfish with the help of expert guide Wesley Brough!


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