Hobie Fishing World Championship

Next week 45 anglers from 13 countries around the globe will converge on Texas for the 2nd Annual Hobie Fishing World Championship. This tournament comprised of a incredibly diverse group of folks will be fishing at 2 lakes near Austin Texas for a 3 day competition out of identical Hobie Pro Angler 12’s, the boat that took it all home (Best of Show) at this past ICAST in Las Vegas!!! Anglers will be seeking to catch the longest Largemouth bass in what is know as a CPR (Catch, Photograph & Release) style tournament. Lake Bastrop and Fayette County Reservoir will be idea for the contest as they are of a size to be easily navigated by the Hobies but large enough to where anglers can spread out and get their own spots. Countries represented are Australia, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand and the good ole USA!

I am SUPER excited to fishing with this group of folks, many who I know from Twitter and Facebook but haven’t met in person. You never know who might show up at this event so stay tuned and keep informed!!!

For more info see the website : http://www.hobiefishingworlds.com/

BTW …watch Twitter at the hash tag #hobieworlds for up to date info on the practice and competition days as I will Tweet out as much as I can …internet connection providing!!!

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  1. That was an outstanding week !!!! Met a bunch of fellow anglers, shared a lot….
    Hope avery body would make it up for next year… !!!

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