…sleepy San Jose del Cabo

On our sojourn to Baja we have made it our goal to “discover” new places and really familiarize ourselves with MORE than just the typical Cabo San Lucas stuff! To that end Mary and I headed to San Jose del Cabo, a 20 minute trip to the East, & visited the Centro part of the old town. We had been here before on a quick business lunch but now had the whole afternoon to walk the streets and visit a plethora of art galleries and shops that line nearly every street of old town. San Jose is the “anti Cabo” in very many respects and gives you a feeling of “old Mexico” with its cobblestone streets and abode buildings. One of the best things is there is parking everywhere and tho crowded you can usually park fairly close to where you want but if not a stroll thru the splendid sidewalks is delightful to say the least.


Having lunch at La Panga Antiqua (the Antique Panga) was spectacular with its courtyard setting and great food, I highly recommend it!

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